NY Medical Malpractice Lawyer

A NY medical malpractice law firm is one in which its lawyers focus on the needs of clients who have experienced injury, illness, or death due to wrongful action or inaction at the hands of the medical practitioners to whom they have entrusted their care.

The majority of doctors, dentists, chiropractors, clinics, medicals laboratories, nursing homes, and hospitals prove their competence every day, working diligently and ethically in the care of their patients.  Even so Doctors continue to harm patients through malpractice.  At Rich & Rich medical malpractice litigation is a primary focal point.

NY medical malpractice claim

The malpractice attorneys at Rich & Rich, P.C. empower our New York clients to hold their Doctors accountable and seek compensation for their pain, suffering, and expenses.  We have won countless cases for malpractice victims in the NYC region who have suffered from traumatic medical treatment problems such as—

  • Birth injury
  • Brain injury
  • Cancer misdiagnosis
  • Heart attack
  • Hospital malpractice
  • Late diagnosis

An area of malpractice we pursue passionately is birth injuries, such as Erbs palsy—an upper arm medical condition experienced by newborns as a result of a brachial plexus injury during childbirth.  From our many years of experience in NY medical malpractice law, we understand how often a birth can go wrong, and how to litigate to achieve justice for our clients.

Attorneys of choice for malpractice litigation in NY

Rich & Rich, P.C. takes pride in giving personal attention to all our clients.  You are not a number or a file.  Let us prosecute your serious injury case with the passion and determination it deserves.  Our firm is small enough to ensure the individual attention your case deserves, yet large enough to pursue any size personal injury case.

When comparing NY medical malpractice law firms, look first at their experience, but also look at their success record.  Consider both measures to evaluate how we compare:

  • The NY medical malpractice lawyers at Rich and Rich P.C. have years of experience inNY medical malpractice law.
  • We have a current and historic record of success in securing high NY medical malpractice settlements and judgments for our clients. See a current sampling of success stories on our recent results page.

If you experienced an injury due to a physician, nursing home, or hospital error then contact a NY medical malpractice lawyer at Rich & Rich, P.C.