Malpractice Attorneys in Manhattan

A medical malpractice case consists of numerous individual elements that a medical malpractice attorney in Manhattan must identify and investigate.  The attorney must review and catalog medical records, locate and interview expert medical witnesses, and research the medical issues involved and the backgrounds of all medical practitioners involved in the case.

The Manhattan malpractice lawyers you retain should be able to handle your case with the professionalism it deserves.  They should be aware of the extent of your injuries and offer you a reasonable timeline along which your case can be expected to proceed.

Hiring a malpractice attorney in Manhattan

As your search for a malpractice attorney progresses, prepare a list of essential qualifications:
The medical malpractice law firm you select should have demonstrable experience handling cases similar to yours.

  • Malpractice attorneys in Manhattan should be able to offer several examples of their past accomplishments and should be forthcoming about cases both won and lost.
  • A responsive medical malpractice lawyer returns communications promptly, keeps you updated regarding the progress of your case, and allows you to speak with a representative free of charge before deciding to retain his or her services.
  • The attorney should always be honest and clear with regards to fees, possible case outcomes, time constraints and other legal advice.

Legitimate medical malpractice law firms

When searching for a malpractice attorney in Manhattan, always confirm that the Manhattan malpractice lawyer you contact is with a malpractice law firm that will personally handle yoru case and not farm it out to another firm.  Many marketing firms and lawyers who do not handle malpractice cases themselves advertise as medical malpractice experts in their own right, when in fact they only pass you off onto another attorney in exchange for a commission.

Malpractice lawyers in Manhattan must also have the resources to investigate cases thoroughly.  Any medical malpractice case requires a complete, detailed analysis, and the Manhattan malpractice attorney you select must be able to conduct this inquiry capably.  Retaining qualified medical malpractice lawyers in Manhattan at the earliest possible stage of your case only strengthens your claim.

The law firm of Rich & Rich, P.C. has over 20 years of experience as medical malpractice attorneys in Manhattan.  We are a highly regarded medical malpractice law firm in Manhattan that maintains unparalleled levels of courtesy and professionalism in all dealings with our clients.  Please contact us today with any and all of your questions regarding medical malpractice in Manhattan.