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Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise in New York

The death toll from Superstorm Sandy was 110, with 48 of those fatalities occurring in New York State. Residents in New York City were at risk from falling tree limbs and floodwaters. There was also concern in the days following the storm about pedestrian and auto accidents, as many traffic lights were not operating. However,… Read More »

Can I Pursue Compensation for Injuries When My Negligence Partially Caused an Auto Accident in NY?

During the moments immediately following an auto accident, you may know another driver crossed into your lane of traffic or took other negligent actions that caused the crash. But you most likely do not have a clear understanding of whether your own actions contributed in some minor way. This is why auto insurance companies and… Read More »

Do I Face Legal Challenges if I Suffer Injuries in a New York Car Accident Caused by a Drunk Driver?

Legal concerns can become more complex when the party responsible for your injuries also faces criminal charges. But the unfortunate truth is that New York car accident attorneys deal with DWI accidents more frequently than anyone would like. With experienced legal support to protect your rights, you can still effectively pursue compensation for your injuries…. Read More »

Am I Responsible When My Failure to See a Stop Sign Causes a Car Accident in New York?

If a poorly placed or otherwise hidden stop sign caused your accident, you may be a victim of one of the many types of New York car accidents caused by road hazards and defects. You can still potentially have initial responsibility for the payment of expenses related to your own injuries and damages — and… Read More »