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Drop in Car Crashes, Spike in Bicycle Accidents Linked to Coronavirus

Once Americans came to understand how deadly the coronavirus can be and how easily it is passed from person to person, transportation habits changed. Not only did people drastically curtail business and personal travel, but many stopped going to their workplaces. That has led to a reduction in car accidents at the same time that… Read More »

When Is A Vacuum Extraction Delivery Subject To A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Accepted medical standards are the touchstone for determining whether medical errors were preventable and constitute medical malpractice. The same is true for the use of a vacuum extractor during delivery. When vacuum extractor injuries occur in Manhattan — and a vacuum extraction delivery (VAD) was performed but violated standard medical practices — medical malpractice grounds… Read More »

How Do Bus Accident Claims Differ From Other Accident Claims?

In a Manhattan bus accident, lawyers often sue a municipal entity, such as the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), to recover compensation for clients who are accident victims. Unlike auto accident or truck accident claims, different time limitations and procedures apply when pursuing a bus claim. In a bus accident case, your attorney must file a… Read More »

Can Falls And Other Premises Liability Accidents Lead To Serious Injury?

In terms of the injuries they can cause, how serious can slip and fall accidents really be? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the number one cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI). The worst cases of TBI lead to death, and in severe cases, individuals can suffer incapacitating brain… Read More »

How Alcohol Affects Motorcyclists’ Riding Skills

According to statistics tracked by the NHTSA, while the trend for motor vehicle fatalities declined from 1998 to 2007, motorcycle accident fatality statistics steadily rose — many accidents of which involved alcohol. Intoxication creates an even greater risk for motorcycle accidents — and, because motorcycles offer riders less protection than cars offer drivers, the accidents… Read More »

Do I Need a Lawyer to Take Legal Action After an Accident with a Large Commercial Truck in New York?

Retaining an experienced attorney is an important way to protect your rights to pursue full compensation after an accident causes severe injuries. However, you also need to recognize that when you file a claim against truckers, your claim involves a large commercial concern with a team of lawyers to protect its interests. You need a… Read More »

Do I Face Legal Challenges if I Suffer Injuries in a New York Car Accident Caused by a Drunk Driver?

Legal concerns can become more complex when the party responsible for your injuries also faces criminal charges. But the unfortunate truth is that New York car accident attorneys deal with DWI accidents more frequently than anyone would like. With experienced legal support to protect your rights, you can still effectively pursue compensation for your injuries…. Read More »

Am I Responsible When My Failure to See a Stop Sign Causes a Car Accident in New York?

If a poorly placed or otherwise hidden stop sign caused your accident, you may be a victim of one of the many types of New York car accidents caused by road hazards and defects. You can still potentially have initial responsibility for the payment of expenses related to your own injuries and damages — and… Read More »