Erbs Palsy

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Erbs palsy is an upper arm medical condition experienced by newborns as a result of a brachial plexus injury during childbirth.  From our many years of experience in New York city medical malpractice law, we understand how often a birth can go wrong.

When Erbs palsy results from the actions or inactions of the medical professionals you entrusted with the birth of your baby, we stand by your side, acting as your voice in the legal system, litigating on your behalf to obtain money damages and to compensate your baby for the cost of a lifetime of medical care.

The use of force to pull the baby out of the birth canal following shoulder dystocia when an infant's shoulders are wedged in the birth canal is a common cause of Erbs Palsy. Other circumstances that may lead to Erbs palsy include:

  • Intrauterine forces in Cesarean section delivery
  • High infant birth weight
  • Breech birth
  • Prolonged labor
  • Induced labor
  • Epidural analgesia
  • A vertex delivery

Erbs Palsy Statistics

The University of Pittsburgh describes brachial plexus injuries such as Erbs palsy as one of the most common birth injuries, affecting as much as one of every 500 births.  According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, one in every 1,000 babies experience Erbs palsy in childbirth, and up to ten percent of these infants experience permanent disability.

From these statistics, and from our years of experience in New York city medical malpractice law, we know that at-fault birth injuries are more common than anyone would like to think—common enough that we have made birth injuries a dedicated area of legal practice.  Parents turn to us when they need a law firm with explicit experience in handling Erbs palsy cases.

Because your child’s disorder may be due to birth injuries caused by the negligence of a healthcare professional or hospital, we encourage you to seek justice for your severely injured baby.   Contact a New York City erbs palsy attorney at Rich & Rich, P.C.

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