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On some days, 700,000 people use a rideshare service in New York City. Vehicles on the road for Uber and Lyft have become so common over the last decade that they far outnumber yellow cabs on the area’s streets and highways. Unfortunately, accidents involving these cars are also increasingly common. Whether you were hurt as a passenger going through Times Square or while walking to your job in the Garment District, Rich & Rich, P.C. can help. Our experienced personal injury litigators have collected millions of dollars for injury victims in the New York area and we have a detailed understanding of the special considerations involved in rideshare accident cases.

Insurance coverage in rideshare collision claims

Drivers of For-Hire Vehicles in New York City must maintain minimum levels of insurance coverage and their cars are required to pass periodic inspections. However, while taxis and buses are strictly used to carry passengers, a rideshare vehicle is almost always the personal car of the contractor who is driving it. Transportation network providers such as Uber and Lyft don’t have to abide by the same regulations as taxi operators, so if you’ve been in an auto accident with one of their contractor drivers, you need an attorney who understands these types of claims.

Uber and Lyft generally use the same system to determine what type of insurance coverage is available to their contractors. This is based on which of the following activities the driver was engaged in at the time of the accident:

  • Rideshare app not engaged — If the driver does not have their Uber or Lyft app on, they are considered to be using their vehicle for personal use and only their coverage applies.
  • App is on, but no ride has been reserved — A contractor who is on the road seeking work only is eligible for the rideshare company’s liability coverage, which provides some compensation for injuries caused by the driver.
  • Ride has been ordered — Once a driver has committed to picking up the passenger, the full rideshare company insurance applies whether or not the person has been picked up when the crash occurs.

Whether your claim requires recovery from the rideshare company’s policy, the driver’s personal coverage or both, our attorneys will pursue the payment you deserve.

Types of rideshare injuries

No special safety training is required to become a rideshare driver and there are several potential factors that could make these vehicles more dangerous than others on the road. An Uber or Lyft contractor might cause a vehicle or pedestrian accident because they’re paying too much attention to their GPS system or planning for their next fare. In one case, 20 people were hurt in Manhattan when a wayward Uber vehicle smashed into an outdoor café. Injuries suffered by rideshare passengers, people in other cars and bystanders can include:

  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Soft tissue injuries

The most serious accidents involve catastrophic injuries, such as paralysis, and death. Our firm has the experience and determination to maximize compensation for plaintiffs in these matters.

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