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The Empire State Building and other Manhattan skyscrapers are recognized around the world, but each building is the result of tough labor from construction workers operating high above the street. Unfortunately, problems with the scaffolds and ladders used on these projects sometimes lead to serious injuries. Rich & Rich, P.C., located in midtown Manhattan, is an accomplished New York City firm that works to secure fair compensation for victims of ladder and scaffolding accidents.

Types of scaffolding accidents in New York City

Some of the most severe construction accidents occur when scaffolding fails. Specific accidents that can be attributed to errors involving scaffolds include:

  • Falls from scaffolding
  • Scaffolding collapses
  • Slip and fall accidents on scaffolding
  • Plank and support failures
  • Tools, building materials or debris that drop from scaffolds
  • Contact with power lines or other utility equipment

According to OSHA, approximately 65 percent of construction workers have jobs that require them to be on scaffolds at some point, and the rate might even be higher in New York City. Between ladder and scaffolding accidents, OSHA estimates that total annual injuries number around 25,000 with about 200 deaths. If you’ve been hurt or have lost a family member in an accident involving a scaffold or ladder, our firm offers comprehensive legal support.

What causes scaffolding accidents in New York City?

New York State’s Labor Law includes specific language in Section 240 regarding a contractor’s duty to keep workers safe when working on scaffolding. Though each site has unique elements that must be addressed, the following are responsibilities that apply to any project:

  • Scaffolding must be installed properly and secured to prevent swaying
  • For scaffolding more than 20 feet high, a safety rail with a height of at least 34 inches must be present
  • Inspections and maintenance must occur to ensure scaffolding remains in safe condition
  • Scaffolding has to be able to hold four times the maximum weight placed on it

Cutting corners by ignoring these safety rules can cost construction workers their lives. You can count on us to investigate the circumstances behind your injury to identify who was responsible.

How much is your scaffolding accident claim worth?

Someone who is injured on the job is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits and does not have to prove that their employer was to blame for their accident. In a workers’ comp claim, you can obtain reimbursement for medical bills, rehabilitation expenses and up to two-thirds of the income you lost while you were off the job because of your work-related injury. You might also be entitled to disability benefits if you are unable to perform the same job duties after reaching maximum medical improvement.

However, a third party (not your employer or a co-worker) could also be responsible for your injury if you fall from a high location on a construction site. You might be able to prove that a ladder manufacturer or the contractor who put up the scaffold was at fault. In a personal injury lawsuit, you can recover damages on top of what workers’ compensation provides, including:

  • The full amount of your lost wages and salary
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

If someone in your family was the victim of a fatal scaffold or ladder accident, we will advise you regarding the benefits paid through workers’ comp and the damages available in a wrongful death lawsuit.

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