New York Birth Injuries Resulting in Cephalohematoma

Some birth injuries are only temporary and the baby’s body heals quickly on its own within a few days, weeks or months. Other birth injuries are more serious and require additional medical treatment ― or in the worst cases, result in permanent injury requiring life long care. Cephalohematoma is a birth injury that is not typically serious, but untreated complications that sometimes accompany it can be very serious. New York medical staff failing to notice and treat conditions affecting your baby after birth may be subject to medical malpractice. Doctors improperly performing procedures that cause cephalohematoma may also be liable. Our New York City lawyers at Rich & Rich, P.C., have extensive knowledge and experience handling cephalohematoma birth injury and other types of medical malpractice cases.

Cephalohematoma and its causes

Cephalohematoma is a swelling that occurs under the skin between the skull and the membrane covering it. Damaged blood vessels cause blood to pool between these body layers. The greater the extent of bleeding, the larger the swollen area becomes, which looks like a bump on the baby’s head. Generally, cephalohematoma gradually disappears as blood later breaks down and the baby’s body reabsorbs it. Puncturing to drain the area is not standard medical practice because it can lead to infection.

So, what causes cephalohematoma? A difficult labor where the baby’s head presses against the mother’s pelvis or an exceptionally large baby that doctors should deliver through a C-section are some examples. Doctors using a forceps delivery also can cause cephalohematoma, or it can occur as a result of vacuum extractor injuries. When a doctor needlessly or improperly performs a forceps delivery, such as when the baby’s position in the birth canal is not optimum for this technique, the doctor may be liable for injuries. The same is true of vacuum extractor injuries.

Complications associated with cephalohematoma

Several complications that can arise as a result of cephalohematoma include:

  • Anemia. Bleeding that causes extensive blood can lead to anemia, which if left untreated can damage the brain or other organs due to lack of oxygen.
  • Jaundice. With cephalohematoma, red blood cell loss occurs. In an effort to rebuild blood cells, the body produces a higher level of bilirubin. Bilirubin is a substance the liver produces by breaking down old red blood cells. Excessive bilirubin creates jaundice. Sometimes the body handles jaundice on its own and re-establishes the correct balance. However, when severe, jaundice can cause cerebral palsy, brain damage and hearing loss.

When medical malpractice occurs, resulting in complications, treatment to deal with the complications is often expensive. A medical malpractice lawsuit can help families recover compensation to offset these expenses.

Our attorneys at Rich & Rich, P.C. can hold responsible parties accountable and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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