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Residents of nursing home facilities deserve professional service and compassionate care. If you or a loved one suffered physical injuries in a nursing home, our legal team at Rich & Rich, P.C. is ready to help. With offices in Manhattan and Nassau County, we litigate against nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the five boroughs, Long Island and in the surrounding areas. Nursing home neglect constitutes a breach of the trust families put in the individuals and institutions who are supposed to provide attentive care for their vulnerable family members. When patients are mistreated in a nursing facility, we vigorously seek compensation for the injuries and deaths that result.

Recognizing the signs of nursing home negligence and abuse

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities owe a duty of care to their residents. When this duty is violated, residents may suffer serious injuries, such as broken bones, bedsores and even death.

Possible warning signs of nursing home negligence include but are not limited to:

  • Bedsores (pressure ulcers, decubitus ulcers)
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Head Injuries, such as subdural hematomas and concussions
  • Sepsis infections
  • Unexplained bruises or injuries
  • Malnutrition and dehydration
  • Medication errors
  • Unsupervised wandering (inside facility) and elopement (outside facility)
  • Untimely death without a detectable cause

A host of devastating injuries may result from nursing home falls that can be avoided if proper safety interventions are implemented. These can include employing bed and chair alarms and call bells, turning and positioning patients while in bed and assisting patients out of wheelchairs or while walking.

Nursing home neglect often involves elderly individuals who may be too physically weak or mentally compromised to advocate for themselves. They might need the support of a loved one to contact a skillful nursing home negligence lawyer. Our attorneys fight to hold negligent parties liable for the harm they cause. Our attorneys advocate for clients to collect compensation for the physical and emotional harm they or their loved ones have endured as a result of nursing home negligence.

Who might be liable for nursing home negligence?

Many individuals can have contact with nursing home residents, such as:

  • Doctors and physicians’ assistants
  • Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, licensed vocational nurses and certified nursing assistants
  • Contracted vendors and care providers
  • Custodians, groundskeepers, maintenance and dining staff

Ultimately, the nursing home and its parent company could be held liable for the negligent conduct of their employees and/or contractors if they have not been vigilant in safeguarding against abuse.

Is the nursing home liable for abuse and neglect?

Nursing homes often expose themselves to liability through substandard practices, such as understaffing, hiring unqualified workers or failing to properly train and supervise the staff. Common abuses that occur when management is negligent include:

  • Failing to provide medication or medical care
  • Ignoring signs of a significant problem
  • Unnecessarily physically restraining a resident

Under the law, an employer is generally liable for the negligent acts of its employees.

Damages available for nursing home abuse and neglect

If the nursing home and its staff failed to care for a resident, that resident can obtain compensation for the harm suffered. Damages in a personal injury lawsuit could include reimbursement for medical care and compensation for physical pain and mental suffering.

Our legal team fights against negligent nursing homes and their healthcare providers to help our clients obtain the monetary compensation they deserve and to compel nursing homes to maintain safe environments. We perform an in-depth investigation into the circumstances that led to the harm, research other complaints against the defendants and consult experts who can testify as to the cause of the resident’s injuries. Based on our extensive experience handling cases of nursing home neglect and abuse in Manhattan and throughout the metropolitan area, our attorneys advise on a suitable settlement demand and are always ready to take the case to court if an appropriate offer is not forthcoming.

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