Accidental Death

Nursing Home Accidental Death Cases

We trust the professional care of a nursing home when our elderly relatives or friends are no longer able to care for themselves. The good news is that many nursing homes in New York provide excellent and reliable care. The bad news is that some do not.

To understand just how much the quality can differ from one facility to another, use the federal Medicare site to run a comparison report of the 125 Medicare nursing homes within 25 miles of Manhattan. The tool allows you to sort the results by quality measures. While roughly a third receive a 5-star highest-quality rating, nearly 20 percent get substandard ratings. As this shows, not all facilities are taking good care of our loved ones.

The New York Daily News reports that nursing home deaths are on the rise, increasing by 66 percent in just one year (1999 to 2000). While the causes are most often natural, the rise can be attributed to several factors, including an increase in patients entering nursing homes at older ages and in greater numbers, and from accidental deaths as a result of nursing home neglect.

Taking legal action when justified by negligence

When a nursing home provides substandard care the lives of our loved ones are at risk. And when risk turns to deadly harm, many in New York turn to Rich & Rich, P.C., where a compassionate, dedicated New York City nursing home negligence attorney is ready to provide needed legal guidance and representation.

Many malpractice attorneys report that among negligent nursing homes, particularly those owned by large for-profit corporations, many maximize profits by systemically operating with inadequate staffing levels.

NY medical malpractice settlements

Nursing home wrongful deaths are those caused by neglect from the caregivers on whom the vulnerable elderly rely for all those things that the elderly can no longer do themselves, such as providing—

  • Repositioning in bed to prevent life-threatening sores
  • Assistive devices
  • Monitoring

Causes of accidental death in nursing homes

If you suspect that your loved one has suffered from nursing home negligence, contact a malpractice attorney at Rich & Rich, P.C. today. We work diligently to assure you the best possible malpractice settlement or award to compensate consequential expenses and to apply punitive force against a negligent facility. Call 646-736-3999 today.

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