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What Are the Risks if Auto Insurance is Suspended or Canceled During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Severe restrictions on travel, health fears and closed workplaces have sharply curtailed automobile traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic. Accidents have dropped so much that many auto insurance companies are providing refunds to policyholders. People who are stuck at home and facing financial distress might be tempted to cancel or suspend their coverage. However, if an… Read More »

What Are Hours Of Service Violations In Truck Accident Cases?

By establishing rules for truck drivers and the trucking industry, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) makes a continuous effort to maintain and promote safety on the road. Truck drivers are responsible for complying with hours of service (HOS) rules that limit the amount of consecutive hours and days they can drive. The FMCSA… Read More »

How Do Bus Accident Claims Differ From Other Accident Claims?

In a Manhattan bus accident, lawyers often sue a municipal entity, such as the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), to recover compensation for clients who are accident victims. Unlike auto accident or truck accident claims, different time limitations and procedures apply when pursuing a bus claim. In a bus accident case, your attorney must file a… Read More »

How Alcohol Affects Motorcyclists’ Riding Skills

According to statistics tracked by the NHTSA, while the trend for motor vehicle fatalities declined from 1998 to 2007, motorcycle accident fatality statistics steadily rose — many accidents of which involved alcohol. Intoxication creates an even greater risk for motorcycle accidents — and, because motorcycles offer riders less protection than cars offer drivers, the accidents… Read More »