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How Alcohol Affects Motorcyclists’ Riding Skills

According to statistics tracked by the NHTSA, while the trend for motor vehicle fatalities declined from 1998 to 2007, motorcycle accident fatality statistics steadily rose — many accidents of which involved alcohol. Intoxication creates an even greater risk for motorcycle accidents — and, because motorcycles offer riders less protection than cars offer drivers, the accidents… Read More »

Why Do Physicians Often Misdiagnose Heart Attacks In Women?

According to a study reported by the National Institutes of Health, doctors often misdiagnose young women with heart disease. Doctors misdiagnosed one in 50 patients suffering from heart attacks, and women under age 55 were seven times more likely to be misdiagnosed than men. If you suspect you or a loved one has been adversely… Read More »

Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise in New York

The death toll from Superstorm Sandy was 110, with 48 of those fatalities occurring in New York State. Residents in New York City were at risk from falling tree limbs and floodwaters. There was also concern in the days following the storm about pedestrian and auto accidents, as many traffic lights were not operating. However,… Read More »

How Does Informed Consent Relate To Medical Malpractice?

What is informed consent? Before performing a medical procedure on a patient, a physician or medical provider must inform the patient of the risks involved. For example, if a heart-bypass operation has a 30 percent risk of fatality, the doctor must inform the patient and then the patient can decide whether or not to risk… Read More »

Why Are Your Chances Of Proving Liability for an Accident Greater In A Civil Case Than In A Criminal Case?

Accident victims often believe their prospects of recovering compensation are grim because the at-fault driver — who caused a fatal accident and faced criminal charges — was acquitted. While criminal conviction of the at-fault driver would have provided strong evidence of guilt for proving negligence in a civil case, their acquittal is not the end… Read More »

Do I Need a Lawyer to Take Legal Action After an Accident with a Large Commercial Truck in New York?

Retaining an experienced attorney is an important way to protect your rights to pursue full compensation after an accident causes severe injuries. However, you also need to recognize that when you file a claim against truckers, your claim involves a large commercial concern with a team of lawyers to protect its interests. You need a… Read More »

How Do I Know if I Have a Valid NY Personal Injury Case?

You may have a valid personal injury case any time you sustain injuries caused by the negligent or willful acts of other parties. However, your claim must meet the NY legal definition of negligence, and you need compelling evidence to prove liability and other issues. Consulting with an experienced Manhattan negligence attorney can help educate… Read More »

Can a Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis Point to Medical Malpractice?

The brain injuries or malformations that cause cerebral palsy can occur before, during or after birth. While incomplete prenatal care, failure to diagnose and errors during delivery can all represent signs of medical malpractice, many other factors can cause the condition in spite of receiving the highest quality medical care. According to MyChild™ at CerebralPalsy.Org,… Read More »

Can I Sue if I Sustain Injuries on the Job at a Construction Site?

Construction workers who sustain workplace injuries need to report their injuries to a supervisor or other employer representative, who may inform them of their rights to certain benefits under the New York workers compensation system. But while they cannot sue their employers, workers may still have the right to file a claim or lawsuit against… Read More »

What Type of Accident is Most Prevalent at New York Construction Sites?

Falls from heights above six feet may represent the most common cause of injuries and fatalities to construction workers in the United States. This is not surprising, considering that many individuals work on building construction, which requires them to spend time on roofs, ladders and scaffolding as well as partially completed surfaces. Even with the… Read More »