Am I Responsible When My Failure to See a Stop Sign Causes a Car Accident in New York?

Am I Responsible When My Failure to See a Stop Sign Causes a Car Accident in New York?

If a poorly placed or otherwise hidden stop sign caused your accident, you may be a victim of one of the many types of New York car accidents caused by road hazards and defects. You can still potentially have initial responsibility for the payment of expenses related to your own injuries and damages — and damages sustained by others. However, when any type of road defect causes an accident, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit against the municipality responsible for the roadway.

The design and maintenance of roadways requires adherence to many detailed standards. For example, the national standard for traffic lights and other signage is the nearly 900-page Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways published by the Federal Highway Administration. One purpose of the standards involves ensuring that the placement of lights and signs gives adequate time for proper response. So if, for example, low-hanging foliage blocked your view of the sign, you could potentially sue the municipality that failed to trim the tree or bush that caused the blockage.

Filing a lawsuit against any government entity presents many legal complexities, but a NYC car accident attorney with experience handling dangerous road cases can tell you if you have grounds for a case and help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Your lawyer needs to have a clear understanding of the many laws and standards pertaining to roadway maintenance and design, as well as the ability to conduct a thorough investigation needed to prove the case. In fact, you can make a difference to your own case by taking a picture of the blocked sign before you leave the scene of the accident.

Whether you suffer injury because of blocked signs, or if dangerous curves in the road or unrepaired potholes cause you to lose control of your vehicle, the experienced car accident lawyers at Rich & Rich, P.C. can help you take any legal action needed to protect your rights to compensation. Call us at 646-736-3999 to learn how we can help.

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