Bus Accident Cases Trace a Winding Path

Bus Accident Cases Trace a Winding Path

Bus accidents are rare in small and rural towns. However, New York City is another story altogether. Virtually any time you step out into a New York City street, it is likely a bus is somewhere close by. Unfortunately, sometimes they are a little too close by — and that is where a New York bus accident attorney comes in.

Whether an accident involves a bus owned by the city or a private bus company, the legal ramifications of a bus accident can be as complicated as the city itself. Imagine this scenario — a Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus driver trying to stay on schedule is being heckled by an unruly passenger. She looks up just in time to see a car pull into the lane in front of her, cutting the bus off. The driver hits the brakes but skids into the car, which hits a pedestrian who is crossing the street. Meanwhile, ten passengers standing on the bus are thrown to the floor and the heckler hits the windshield, which breaks loose and smashes through the roof of the car that hit the pedestrian, injuring a passenger inside.

In a densely populated city brimming with mass transportation, all these lives can be affected in a matter of a few seconds and a few feet of pavement. Moreover, very likely, they will all be in court sometime in the future to establish who was at fault — along with the manufacturers of the bus and the car, transit authority directors of training and maintenance, witnesses, insurance representatives and maybe even representatives of the city itself. (Perhaps a traffic signal malfunction was involved?)

A Manhattan bus accident calls for investigation by an attorney who knows how to dig deep into the case and understand the complex web of liabilities behind it. Contact the New York bus accident attorneys of Rich & Rich, P.C. to ensure you are fairly and fully compensated for your injuries.

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