Can a Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis Point to Medical Malpractice?

Can a Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis Point to Medical Malpractice?

The brain injuries or malformations that cause cerebral palsy can occur before, during or after birth. While incomplete prenatal care, failure to diagnose and errors during delivery can all represent signs of medical malpractice, many other factors can cause the condition in spite of receiving the highest quality medical care.

According to MyChild™ at CerebralPalsy.Org, the type of injury and the timing of the injury to the developing brain make every case of cerebral palsy unique. Before birth, appropriate diagnostic care might help identify infections and other conditions that can lead to cerebral palsy. But medical tests may not exist to test for all possible circumstances. While doctors can cause damage to the brain or oxygen deprivation during the birth process through medical negligence, many unforeseeable circumstances such as umbilical cord complications can occur that are beyond the control of anyone on the medical team.

Determining the need to file New York City cerebral palsy lawsuits requires an attorney with extensive experience, and a network of medical specialists who can make the distinction between medical malpractice and unavoidable causes. But if you have any concerns that higher quality medical care might have prevented a serious condition that can affect your child throughout life, you need to talk with a birth injuries attorney with the skills and resources to assess your legal options.

If your child receives a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and you believe issues during the birthing process caused brain damage, the attorneys at Rich & Rich, P.C. are here to assist you and review your claim at no charge. Cerebral palsy may be the result of brain damage caused by negligent prenatal care by a doctor, delayed caesarian section or negligence in the birthing or labor process. Our experienced New York cerebral palsy lawyers have the specialized skills and experience needed to help determine if you have grounds to take legal action. Call us at 646-736-3999 to discuss your legal options.

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