Can Falls And Other Premises Liability Accidents Lead To Serious Injury?

Can Falls And Other Premises Liability Accidents Lead To Serious Injury?

In terms of the injuries they can cause, how serious can slip and fall accidents really be? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the number one cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI). The worst cases of TBI lead to death, and in severe cases, individuals can suffer incapacitating brain damage that requires lifelong care. Traumatic brain injury is a type of catastrophic injury that can cost millions of dollars over the span of a lifetime.

Spinal cord injury is another devastating injury that can result from a slip and fall, and can involve complete paralysis from the neck or waist down, depending on where and how much the spinal cord is injured. The assistive care and expenses associated with spinal cord injury are comparable to those of TBI. The number two cause of spinal cord injury is falls.

Assaults produce 10 percent of traumatic brain injury cases, while violence is responsible for 16 percent of spinal cord injury cases. When owners of property — such as apartment buildings, businesses or mall parking lots — fail to maintain adequate security and leave people at risk for criminal assaults, grounds may exist for premises liability lawsuits.

By discussing with the circumstances of your case with a New York slip and fall attorney, you can determine whether the presence of unsafe property conditions presents you with a viable course for legal action.

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