Can I Sue if I Sustain Injuries on the Job at a Construction Site?

Can I Sue if I Sustain Injuries on the Job at a Construction Site?

Construction workers who sustain workplace injuries need to report their injuries to a supervisor or other employer representative, who may inform them of their rights to certain benefits under the New York workers compensation system. But while they cannot sue their employers, workers may still have the right to file a claim or lawsuit against other parties. A free initial consultation with an experienced New York construction accident lawyer can educate workers on their legal options based on their specific circumstances.

New York law requires virtually all employers to provide workers compensation coverage for their employees. This coverage provides vital benefits to injured construction workers regardless of who has liability for an accident, but it restricts victims from taking additional legal action against their employers or other employees. Nonetheless, these laws do not bar injured workers from filing lawsuits against any third parties whose negligence caused their injuries.

Most construction workers rely heavily on third parties during the course of their work, and that reliance can result in serious injuries. Accidental injuries stemming from malfunctioning heavy equipment, substandard scaffolding, exposed electrical wires or even from negligent drivers while traveling on employer business often point to third-party negligence. In these cases, New York law often holds the third parties liable for the accident, permitting victims to pursue compensation from them even if they also receive workers compensation benefits.

However, third-party negligence cases can require significant investigation to identify the causes behind the accident — and all parties who have liability. Experienced New York construction accident attorneys have the skills and resources to conduct thorough investigations that can unravel complex details and develop compelling evidence to prove liability.

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