Do I Need a Lawyer to Take Legal Action After an Accident with a Large Commercial Truck in New York?

Do I Need a Lawyer to Take Legal Action After an Accident with a Large Commercial Truck in New York?

Retaining an experienced attorney is an important way to protect your rights to pursue full compensation after an accident causes severe injuries. However, you also need to recognize that when you file a claim against truckers, your claim involves a large commercial concern with a team of lawyers to protect its interests. You need a New York truck accident lawyer who can level the playing field by applying a detailed understanding of the trucking industry and the regulations truckers must follow.

Because of the complexity involved in moving heavy cargo on the road, driver behavior represents only one of a multitude of possible causes for truck accidents. Trucks can go out of control due to the failure of brakes or other mechanical parts, and even improperly-loaded cargo can shift and cause unpredictable swinging of the trailer or a jack-knife. And, in an effort to meet unreasonable deadlines imposed by company management, truckers can choose shortcut routes that increase the risk of accidents. Since trucks typically travel from state to state across the country, the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration imposes numerous regulations pertaining to virtually any aspect of commercial transportation, in addition to the state and local regulations truckers must follow.

Anyone who sustains injuries in a New York trucking accident needs support from local lawyers who understand all local, state and federal regulations. In addition to exploring the details of the actual accident, experienced New York truck accident attorneys must dig into potential underlying causes by reviewing inspection reports and other documentation, to reveal any negligent acts that occurred before the truck even began its run.

The complex legal issues pertaining to commercial trucking accidents require help from a lawyer with extensive knowledge of local, state and federal trucking laws — as well as the ability and resources to conduct thorough investigations of each accident. If you suffer injury in a truck accident, call an experienced New York truck accident lawyer at Rich & Rich, P.C. at 646-736-3999 to discuss your legal options in a free initial consultation. We have the skill and resources to recover fair compensation for our clients.

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