How Do Bus Accident Claims Differ From Other Accident Claims?

How Do Bus Accident Claims Differ From Other Accident Claims?

In a Manhattan bus accident, lawyers often sue a municipal entity, such as the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), to recover compensation for clients who are accident victims. Unlike auto accident or truck accident claims, different time limitations and procedures apply when pursuing a bus claim.

In a bus accident case, your attorney must file a Notice of Claim, and you have 90 days from the date when the claim arises to file the claim. When wrongful death occurs as a result of the bus accident, you have 90 days from the appointment of the representative of the decedent's estate to file the claim. There is also a conscious pain and suffering claim with a wrongful death lawsuit, which has a limitation of one year and 90 days.

Because of court backlogs, attorneys often file a Notice of Claim that names the proposed representative, because court delays could result in losing the right to file the claim. The representative can later be amended, if necessary. The reason for the 90-day limitation is to allow the municipal entity to investigate the accident before evidence disappears or witnesses become unreachable.

There is an exact procedure that your lawyer must follow when filing a bus claim, and in the event that a mistake occurs in good faith regarding the information submitted, your attorney can correct the error during any stage of the process. If you’ve been involved in a bus accident, your choice in NY bus accident injury attorneys is absolutely crucial in steering your case toward a successful outcome.

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