How Does Traumatic Brain Injury Differ From Other Types Of Brain Injury?

How Does Traumatic Brain Injury Differ From Other Types Of Brain Injury?

Various types of brain injury exist — some caused by congenital factors, some by oxygen deprivation and others by accidents. Whenever another party’s negligence or wrongdoing causes brain injury — regardless of the type of brain injury — a Manhattan attorney can explain your rights and help you receive the compensation to which you may be entitled.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a specific type of injury in which brain tissue suffers damage because of a violent jolt or skull penetration. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1.7 million people suffer from TBI every year. Whether a person is hit on the head, bumped their head in a fall or had their head forcefully jolted in a car accident, brain tissue can bruise, tear, bleed or otherwise be damaged. Puncture wounds can also cause TBI.

The seriousness of traumatic brain injury can range from mild to severe, and symptoms vary accordingly. An example of severe complications from a traumatic brain injury was the death of actor Liam Neeson’s wife and actress, Natasha Richardson. Natasha was skiing in Montreal and fell on a bunny hill, injuring her head. At first, the injury seemed slight. Yet, because of her fall, she suffered from an epidural hematoma, a traumatic brain injury characterized by a blood buildup or blood clot between the central nervous system membrane covering the brain and the skull. The blood clot cut off the oxygen to her brain and caused her death.

If other parties are responsible mild or severe brain injury, an experienced New York brain injury lawyer can determine what grounds exist to pursue a lawsuit.

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