New York Sidewalks and Other Slip and Fall Dangers

New York Sidewalks and Other Slip and Fall Dangers

Unlike sprawling modern cities like Los Angeles or Dallas, the five boroughs of New York City do not take up that much geographic space. However, the city has 12,750 miles of sidewalk — more than enough to extend from Broadway to the Pacific Ocean and back, twice. The Department of Transportation makes repairs to about one percent of these sidewalks every year. The remainder of necessary repairs is the responsibility of private property owners. These owners are also required to remove snow and keep sidewalks clear of debris.

New York slip and fall accidents

Maintaining 12,750 miles of concrete sidewalks is a daunting task, but failure to do so puts New Yorkers at risk for slip and fall accidents that result in serious, sometimes fatal, injuries. A sprained ankle can keep you out of work for an extended period and may require months of physical therapy. Head trauma and spinal cord injuries can lead to lifelong disability or chronic pain. Broken bones are particularly damaging to senior citizens.

Under premises liability law, property owners can be held accountable for accidents that occur because they neglected to maintain reasonably safe and nonhazardous conditions in all areas used by the public. In addition to sidewalks, property owners must also ensure that stairways, flooring and parking lots are well maintained.

Speak to the slip and fall attorneys at Rich & Rich, P.C., about your best legal options for recovering accident-related expenses, as well as damages for pain and suffering.

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