Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise in New York

Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise in New York

The death toll from Superstorm Sandy was 110, with 48 of those fatalities occurring in New York State. Residents in New York City were at risk from falling tree limbs and floodwaters. There was also concern in the days following the storm about pedestrian and auto accidents, as many traffic lights were not operating. However, the traffic lights on Canal Street were working on Monday, November 6, when 82-year-old Kwok Fu was struck and killed by a military vehicle as he was crossing the street.

Witnesses reported that a National Guard truck ran a red light in an attempt to keep up with a convoy of vehicles on a resupply mission. It is tragic that one of these trucks, deployed to help storm survivors, ended up causing a fatal New York pedestrian accident. Unfortunately, the larger picture is also grim. Pedestrian and cyclist fatalities increased from 158 in 2011 to 176 in 2012.

The rise in New York pedestrian accidents may be attributed to the following:

  • Cars running red lights or stop signs
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Distracted driving
  • Distracted walking

Reckless drivers should be held accountable when they cause serious injuries to a pedestrian.

If you have been hurt in a New York pedestrian accident when a driver neglected to follow traffic rules or was distracted, contact Rich & Rich, P.C., to recover the maximum damages for your pain, suffering and economic losses.

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