What Is Cephalohematoma? What Complications Can Occur If It Goes Untreated?

What Is Cephalohematoma? What Complications Can Occur If It Goes Untreated?

Cephalohematoma is a medical condition that can occur in newborn babies, potentially leading to serious complications. When New York doctors violate medical standards of care, causing cephalohematoma or worse, grounds may exist to pursue a malpractice lawsuit.

A serious medical condition, cephalohematoma involves localized bleeding between the periosteum (the connective tissue covering a bone) and the skull. It appears as a spot on a newborn baby’s skull that develops two to three days after birth and feels like a water-filled balloon. Cephalohematoma results from prolonged labor or forceps or vacuum extraction deliveries. Breaking blood vessels cause the bleeding.

Generally, cephalohematoma goes away on its own after a few months. However, in some cases, the presence of cephalohematoma is an indication of a skull fracture. The main concerns involved are complications that can arise as result of the cephalohematoma, such as jaundice, infection and anemia. Untreated jaundice can lead to cerebral palsy, hearing loss and brain damage. When doctors attempt to drain a cephalohematoma, they can cause infections, and attempted treatment typically is a departure from standard medical care. Untreated infections can cause bone infection and other medical problems. When anemia results from extreme blood loss, it puts the baby in danger of organs not receiving sufficient oxygen, which can result in permanent injuries.

If you believe your newborn baby suffers from cephalohematoma due to violations of medical standards of care, skilled New York cephalohematoma attorneys can determine your legal options and, should you have a case, help you receive compensation.

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