What Is The New York Scaffolding Law?

What Is The New York Scaffolding Law?

Construction site workers are at tremendous risk for injury — especially workers who regularly walk on scaffolds and use other equipment at heights where falls can be fatal. New York laws offer special protection to construction workers, and a personal injury law firm can represent injury victims or families whose loved ones die in scaffolding or other construction accidents.

New York is currently the only state that still has a scaffolding law. New York Labor Law § 240, referred to as the Scaffolding Law, makes employers liable for damages resulting from accidents involving scaffolding and other devices, such as hoists, stays, ladders, slings, hangers, blocks, pulleys, braces, irons and ropes. Injured workers have the right to sue contractors and property owners who are responsible for maintaining a safe construction site. New York courts hold contractors and owners strictly liable unless a construction worker’s own actions were wholly responsible for their own injury or death. Proof of safety violations or other negligence is not required when bringing a case.

Other parties who also may be liable are third parties, such as equipment manufacturers, when tools or instruments are defective. A faulty scaffold that fails to support a worker and results in serious injury may provide grounds for suing the manufacturing company based on products liability law.

If you suffer a serious injury, working with skilled Manhattan construction accident lawyers can help you clarify your rights under New York’s Scaffolding Law, along with any other relevant statutes and case laws that may apply to your case.     

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