What Makes Cerebral Palsy One Of The More Serious Types Of Birth Injury?

What Makes Cerebral Palsy One Of The More Serious Types Of Birth Injury?

Not all babies that have cerebral palsy are the results of medical malpractice. However, if all indications do point to cerebral palsy resulting from non-standard prenatal care, untreated infections, improperly monitored labor or failure to perform a timely c-section, an experienced Manhattan lawyer may be able to help you seek compensation for birth injury.

The Mayo Clinic describes the overall condition as a movement, muscle tone and posture disorder caused by abnormal brain development that most often occurs before the baby is born. The brain damage can also occur during labor and delivery or after birth. Symptoms associated with cerebral palsy vary considerably across the four different types of cerebral palsy, and most symptoms become noticeable by the time a child reaches the age of three. Observable symptoms include rigidity of the arms, legs and trunk, involuntary moments, unsteady walking and irregular posture. Characteristics of severe cases include seizures, mental disabilities, and hearing and vision problems. Children with cerebral palsy can spend their whole lives disabled and never be capable of holding a job.

When a medical practitioner fails to follow medical practice standards and causes brain damage that leads to cerebral palsy, families can be left heartbroken and without hope of recourse. Seeking legal help from a New York birth injury attorney can provide affected families with compensation that can help ease the hefty financial tolls that accompany birth injuries.

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