What Medical Complications Does Premature Birth Involve?

What Medical Complications Does Premature Birth Involve?

Because prematurely born babies are at risk for a number of complications, doctors take extra precautions to prevent premature births. It is standard medical practice for obstetricians to order a mother to rest in bed for the remaining pregnancy, suture the cervix to prevent dilation and the advancement of labor or prescribe medication that stops a premature labor. Babies born prematurely are at risk of brain damage, because their brains may not be developed enough to process oxygen adequately or their lungs may not be mature enough to function properly. If your baby’s premature birth resulted in their injuries, consult an experienced Manhattan lawyer to determine whether medical malpractice was involved.

When a mother gives birth to a premature baby, hospitals must take special care to monitor the baby properly. Medical malpractice can also occur during post-natal care. An example of post-natal medical malpractice is a case reported in Right Diagnosis from Healthgrades, in which a family filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging negligence. The infant had a catheter that dislodged, resulting in formula leaking around her heart and causing the baby to have a fatal heart attack. The catheter equipment may have been faulty. The catheter manufacturer subsequently recalled the catheter, and it was reported that five babies at a different hospital suffered similar problems with their catheters. The manufacturer denied knowledge of the other babies.

An experienced NY premature birth attorney can thoroughly investigate your case for medical malpractice and identify liable parties to hold them accountable.

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