Why Do Physicians Often Misdiagnose Heart Attacks In Women?

Why Do Physicians Often Misdiagnose Heart Attacks In Women?

According to a study reported by the National Institutes of Health, doctors often misdiagnose young women with heart disease. Doctors misdiagnosed one in 50 patients suffering from heart attacks, and women under age 55 were seven times more likely to be misdiagnosed than men. If you suspect you or a loved one has been adversely affected by a failure to diagnose, an experienced attorney in Manhattan can help you seek compensation.

When it comes to heart attacks, women typically manifest different symptoms than men. They often do not experience chest pain — and when a patient has not experienced chest pain, there is a greater risk for failure to diagnose. Women may experience back, neck or jaw pains as well as nausea, indigestion, tiredness or anxiety. Vomiting and nausea often lead to diagnosing indigestion or acid reflex, and anxiety may lead to a panic attack diagnosis.

In 2007, a CNN article quoted the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality as stating that "women may not be diagnosed or treated as aggressively as men." More women die of heart disease annually than men. The American Heart Association reports that 75 percent of men survive a first heart attack, compared with only 62 percent of women who survive a first heart attack.

If you lose a loved one or suffer serious injury because of a failure to diagnose, consult an experienced New York failure to diagnose lawyer to discuss legal options.

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