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Long Island is a destination for families from throughout the New York metropolitan area and elsewhere. When elderly members of Nassau and Suffolk counties can no longer meet their own needs, many move into one of Long Island’s nursing homes. Unfortunately, vulnerable seniors who live in these facilities are frequently subjected to abuse and neglect. Rich & Rich, P.C. is an accomplished personal injury law firm with a strong track record of success in cases involving nursing home misconduct.

What are the most common types of nursing home abuse and neglect?

In Nassau and Suffolk counties, our firm provides skillful legal representation in nursing home abuse matters associated with the following medical conditions:

For these types of claims and others, our New York attorneys have the skill and experience to build a strong legal argument on behalf of care facility victims.

What are the warning signs of nursing home abuse and neglect?

Seniors and disabled people might have a hard time telling someone that they have been harmed by nursing homes or their workers. Should you have a loved one in a care facility, you need to watch for warning signs, such as:

  • Unexplained injuries, marks and bruises — A broken hip, unexplained bruises or marks on a nursing home resident could indicate that a serious problem exists. We can investigate the injuries and see if they resulted from a failure to monitor the victim properly, rough treatment while moving someone the victim in or out of their wheelchair, the use of unlawful restraints or some other reasons.
  • Bedsores and ulcers — Nursing home employees need to make sure that seniors who spend a great deal of time in their bed or wheelchair are moved frequently and checked so that they don’t suffer inactivity-related conditions such as ulcers (commonly referred to as bedsores).
  • Sudden weight loss — The people who care for elderly facility residents have a responsibility to make sure that they are receiving proper nutrition. Rapid weight loss might mean that no one is paying attention to your loved one’s eating habits. hese problems might also be associated with medication errors or dehydration.
  • Infections and viruses — The COVID crisis drew attention to the devastating effect that a virus can have a on a nursing home, and there are other serious ailments, such as sepsis infections and flu bugs, that can inflict serious harm if a facility doesn’t observe professional hygiene standards.

You can get started immediately if you think a claim exists, because we only charge legal fees as a percentage of your eventual financial recovery.

What are the rights of nursing home residents?

New York State has created a list of rights and responsibilities relating to nursing home operation. These standards prohibit various forms of misconduct, such as:

  • Physical, verbal, sexual and mental abuse
  • Use of restraints against residents
  • Infringement on a resident’s privacy rights

Our firm fights for full compensation when nursing homes violate their professional standards.

What kind of compensation can I get in a nursing home abuse or neglect claim?

With the high cost of medical treatment, compensation in a nursing home abuse settlement or verdict can easily total hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Plaintiffs can recover payment for healthcare costs, pain and suffering, emotional harm and other damages available under New York law. Victims of malicious or reckless behavior might be able to obtain punitive damages as well.

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