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Rich & Rich, P.C. is well known for representing victims of malpractice in Manhattan. Medical malpractice law is the negligence of healthcare providers including doctors, dentists, podiatrists, hospitals or hospital staff. When a healthcare professional’s performance deviates from the standard of care, and those actions result in harm, the healthcare professional may be liable for monetary damages. A large number of individuals are injured or die as a result of medical malpractice each year. Call our New York medical malpractice lawyers for a free evaluation of your medical malpractice claim, case or suit.

How to know if you have a medical malpractice case in New York City

Medical malpractice lawsuits arise under the following circumstances:

  • When a medical specialist departs from an accepted standard of care in that field of medicine
  • When a physician or hospital fails to properly or timely diagnose or treat a medical condition
  • When any member of a surgical team commits an error that harms a patient
  • When, during the general practice of medicine, a physician or hospital deviates from the generally accepted standard of care in the community
  • When a hospital has inadequate sanitation, administers improper or overdoses of medication, engages in negligent nursing care, or has equipment failure
  • When a physician or hospital fails to obtain the informed consent of the patient before performing a procedure or operation
  • When a skilled nursing facility delivers substandard care that harms a resident

Seeking justice for the smallest victims with compensation for birth injuries

We are experienced in handling birth injury lawsuits, including New York City cerebral palsy lawsuits. If your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and you believe there were difficulties during the birthing process that caused brain damage, our attorneys are here to assist you and will review your claim at no charge. Cerebral palsy may be the result of brain damage caused by negligent prenatal care by a doctor, delayed Caesarian or negligence in the birthing or labor process.

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