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What Is Cephalohematoma? What Complications Can Occur If It Goes Untreated?

Cephalohematoma is a medical condition that can occur in newborn babies, potentially leading to serious complications. When New York doctors violate medical standards of care, causing cephalohematoma or worse, grounds may exist to pursue a malpractice lawsuit. A serious medical condition, cephalohematoma involves localized bleeding between the periosteum (the connective tissue covering a bone) and the skull…. Read More »

Are NY Birth Injury Malpractice Suits Difficult to Prove?

Because of the complexity of medical issues, any type of malpractice lawsuit requires extensive attention to detail combined with experience navigating the laws specific to your state. If your infant suffers a birth injury in New York, you need the local support of Manhattan medical malpractice lawyers who understand the NY laws and the medical… Read More »